Preparing Students for University Success

and Lifetime Prosperity

    Specializing in:

    • Improving High School Student's GPA
    • SAT/ACT Preparation 

College Success Tutoring is located in Littleton, Colorado. While other tutoring services seek to educate students of many different ages, we focus on preparing high school students for college. A high school education is often insufficient to land a great job or have a fulfilling career. College is becoming increasingly crucial. Getting accepted to a college is not difficult. However, getting into the right university can be challenging. That is where College Success Tutoring can help. Our one-on-one, focused tutoring can be instrumental in raising a student's GPA and getting them an outstanding score on an entrance examination.

Here at College Success Tutoring, we pride ourselves on two things. First, we are a locally owned and operated tutoring service in Littleton. Unlike other agencies in this city, College Success Tutoring is not a franchise. We know how much Littleton appreciates unique local establishments, and we are glad to be one of them. Second, we have the brightest and most caring tutors in the Metro Area. We have tutoring experts in math and science including Algebra, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry,  Geometry, and Biology. With our tutors and ACT Experts, we have seen great results. 

College Success Tutoring can also aid with the rising costs of higher education. Most universities have a general scholarship which they grant to every student who qualifies. The qualifications are based solely on high school GPA and SAT/ACT score. The cost of tutoring can, in many cases, pay for itself.

"My education cost $17,000 a year, but I didn't spend a dime on SAT prep. If I had increased my SAT score by 40 points, I would have saved thousands. Unfortunately, I found this out too late. Tutoring would have been worth my time and worth the cost." ~ Jake H.

"I needed a 31 to a full-ride scholarship to the University of Kentucky, and the best score I ever got was a 30. I tried to improve my score but ended up getting a 30 twice more. After a couple hours tutoring, I got a 32!" ~ Austin 

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