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Hi there, superstar

Welcome to College Success Tutoring! Established in November of 2022, our tutoring and subject-help organization is here to help you succeed! Our organization consists of nearly sixty, subject-specific tutors from various, leading college universities. 

Math Class

Why Us? 

  • Our tutors create a personalized, scientifically-backed tutoring approach that guarantees results (or your money back!).

  • We are the only tutoring organization that provides detailed, free course programs that align with your tutoring session(s).

  • We offer a price-match guarantee on any service or plan of equivalence. 

  • Our tutors are leading educators and professionals that have completed a vigorous course of tests and educational learning.

Tutored Subjects

Tutored Subjects


Algebra I, Algebra II, Algebra III, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, Statistics I, Business Analytics, SAT Math. 


All areas of English. 


Biology and Chemistry Courses


Corporate Finance

Intermediate Finance

Financial Accounting

Managerial Accounting

Case Studies

Corporate Law

Marketing Courses

Management Course


American and European History

Founder: Eric Shanahan

Hello! Welcome to our super-star tutoring and subject-help organization! Our organization is a leading and pioneering virtual platform across the world, while also being local to Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties. We offer in-person tutoring for all of these counties! Our tutors are experts in their subject matter and are current students from various leading college universities. 

Tutors are currently enrolled in one of the following universities:

1. The Pennsylvania State University 

2. University of Pennsylvania 

3. University of Pittsburgh

4. West Chester University of Pennslyvania 

& Experience

Bachelors Degree:
Marketing and Accounting, West Chester University

August 2020-August 2024

Deans List of Academic Excellence, 3.94 GPA, Minor in Finance.


Founder Eric Shanahan

August 2022-Present: 

Mathematics and Statistics Tutor, West Chester University 

September 2022- Present: 

Contractual Business and Mathematics Tutor, TutorHero


College Success Tutoring operates as its own organization as well as an independent contractor for various tutoring organizations. No matter what, students will use the tools of college success tutoring to stay best connected. If you are paying through another organization, you are considered a contractual agreement plan of the organization of College Success. You cannot transfer membership, plan, or belong to College Success Tutoring.

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