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Our Mission:
Inspire the future leaders of tomorrow.  

Successful Teenagers


You are so much more than a grade. 

We believe in providing high-quality, affordable, child-safe educational help to EVERYONE. We want everyone to succeed in their future ambitions. With our innovative RealWorldReady Program, we break the traditional norms of tutoring and take tutoring to an entirely new level. Instead of simply tutoring to the "test", CST provides real-world examples, collaboration with skilled professionals, and so much more! Take your learning to a new level.  

Our Story

College Success Tutoring is a student-led educational and tutoring organization. Originally founded as a virtual mathematics help platform, CST quickly experienced high demand for its in-person instruction. Quickly adapting, CST changed its business model to include not only in-person instruction but also additional subject matters. With such unexpected demand, CST employed additional tutors from well-respected universities such as Penn State, Delaware, University of Pennsylvania, and West Chester University. To date, CST employs and manages over 60 tutors and over two hundred students. 

Our Services


K-12 Tutoring 

CST tutors all ages and subjects. Whether it may be learning cursive or computing the marginal cost function, CST has a tutor specific to you! 


College & Test Preparation

Prepare for college. Whether it may be acing the SAT or the ACT, our tutors are dedicated to helping you succeed. CST requires vigorous testing in order for a tutor to teach SAT/ACT. 


CollegeYou Educational Hub

CST differs from the competitors in many different ways, one of which being its CollegeYou platform. All CST students have access to CollegeYou, an innovative educational hub where students can ask questions anytime and receive an answer from a CST tutor. 

Our Qualified Tutors

All of our tutors demonstrate the highest qualities in educational leadership, respect, and child-care safety. CST tutors undergo vigorous testing in their respective subject matter(s), background testing (federal and local), and periodic drug tests. 

Out of all prospected hires, only 14% have been selected to work for CST. We demand the best because we are the best.  


All tutors are led by Eric M. Shanahan, CEO of CST. Eric is a recipient of the U.S. Presidential Award of Academic Excellence. 

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